Jia-Hung​  Izakaya


Japanese master chef brought his fabulous cuisine to this sunshine town, Hengchun. Here, you can have great kebabs with fresh ingredients with indispensable seasoning, salt. By simple but experienced skill, you will taste the original flavor of food and it would be perfect with a glass of golden foamy beer, several kinds of wines, or Japanese plum wine.

Then, you can call it a wonderful day in the breezing night at Jia-Hung​  Izakaya.

Opening time:05:00p.m.~11:00p.m.

Sunday Park Records


In the Sunday Park
Light in the afternoon
I listen to the sound of my dream
Coming through
All the mountains or blueberries
And greens
Fairy tale lullaby...

-Yen Town Band “Sunday Park”.
By Fumiko Yoshii.
Montage. 1996 

From the only inland country to the southernmost of Taiwan, Nantou to Hengchun. Sunday Park Records is still welcoming your visit, no matter for music, film, vinyl, events or just for life. We are looking forward to seeing different people having connections from things we brought here. To create a whole new surprise and maybe a new page of someone’s life.

Let’s enjoy the charming moment of analog music and make your memorable trip with sounds from vinyl.

Just a day dream in the Sunday Park.

Opening time:09:00a.m.~09:00p.m.